Movement Music and Emotions Workshop for Mothers and Babies

Movements of love

Movement Music and emotions for Mothers and Babies

The new babyA workshop designed specifically to nurture and build positive vibrations between mother and baby using specially selected music, exercises that are designed to reinforce the loving links necessary for optimal life experiences and fluid movements and dances that promote the healthy physiology of the baby and mother. Making possible new understandings, beautiful beginnings and help you as the mother to get the most from your ‘fourth trimester’.
Having my babies was a change of life experience for me both times! Both natural, peak experiences that connected me directly to my spirituality. I know this is the case for many women and also know that many women find difficulty in connecting with the inner resources that would help them turn this time of their life into a truly transformational time.
Through gentle movements and music these sessions’ aims are:

  • To reconnect with our bodies and our babies in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Emotional and physical adjustments through the care system
  • To feel fully present and alive
  • Dissolve away any tensions and stress that arose from your birth experience
  • Deepen the affectionate intelligence
  • Listen to the sweet voice of your body


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