Movement Psychotherapy

Movement Psychotherapy is a relational process where the therapist and the client come together in a creative way using body movement and dance. The philosophy behind this form of creative psychotherapy is based on the belief in the inter-relationship of psyche-soma and spirit.

As movement is the primary language of the body, moving the body can access deep feelings and memories as well as bring awareness to current emotional and mental states.

With focus on the moving body and non-verbal phenomena the benefits are founded on relational and developmental issues that have arisen from early infancy.

When words alone cannot fully communicate what you are feeling and what your experiences have been then movement psychotherapy can be really beneficial.

By using Mindful movement in Psychotherapy both emotional, physical, cognitive and psychological aspects of the person can be integrated in a holistic way. This form of therapy blends words with motion, movement with creativity.

How long do sessions last?

They are for an hour

What is the cost?

The cost is £45

What do I need to wear?

Comfortable clothing to stretch in.

Where are these sessions available?

Dance Movement Psychotherapy is available in Blaenavon

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