Holistic Healthcare and Well-being Education the Best Investment for Life

The doctor tells you to take medicine for coping with anxiety and hypertension or to have a cesarean section but something inside of you knows that this is not what you need or exactly what the answer is. You can either listen to your inner, gentle voice or you can follow the doctor. Don't get me wrong here I am not saying that listening to your doctor is wrong because it is not, however looking to other optionsĀ  that look into the 'whole picture' of you can be a life saver and put you on track to a better and more joyful life.

Holistic healthcare and education can teach you to be the master of your life through different courses and classes and it can also be the guiding light you need to find the golden key to your happiness and empowerment right from the centre of your heart.

As a Dance Movement Psychotherapist my main focus is on the body and with this in mind as well as my desire for helping others find their inner health wisdom a monthly clinic will open in the Autumn where talks on different subjects relating to health and well-being, mindful movement sessions and individual advice will be available at an affordable rate for anyone interested to learn and move towards holistic health.

I look forward to seeing you