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As we all have been children we know inside of us somewhere that there is an intuition, a wisdom that calls out throughout our entire lives and that we have been taught not to trust. We have been taught to not listen to our bodies but to be clever and strong in order to make it.

Make what ? Do what ? Be what ? What for ? Who for ?

By not trusting this source of joy that taps on our heart and says listen to me please, or shows us through different feelings and sensations that we cant quite hold onto long enough to understand or process we shut off the vital life energy within.

Stepping Stones to Joy’ is a source of support that can teach you to re-connect with that vital energy within you so that you can be the best version of yourself, for yourself and for others. Through working with the mind-body connection and the wisdom of the child inside whilst being the adult you are today you can discover new meaning and joy again through choosing therapy:

Movement Psychotherapy

Professional Counselling

If you suffer from anxiety, stress or are dealing with loss and grief; negative thoughts that worry you and addictions, or if you are interested in personal development or need help with emotional problems this support can be just the step you need to take.

I also offer:

Clinical Supervision

cpd for those of you in the helping professions

and a sensory therapy training programme for schools