Private Practice

In Practice my work encompasses psychotherapy and the body in movement. Another way to explain is ‘attending to heart and soul’

I offer a warm and friendly psychotherapy and body movement based practice in South Wales, one off sessions, short term therapy or longer term therapy if desired. The sessions are for an hour and begin with talking about your concerns. Attention to the body is what guides the session and the closure is about putting into words what moved you.

As your therapist I understand the personal commitment it takes on your part to be in therapy and my promise to you is to be that guide and safe haven offering a confidential, reliable and supportive relationship.

This form of psychotherapy can be of particular benefit if you would like to:

• Reconnect with yourself and find meaning in your life
• Rediscover way to communicate and relate to others
• Find ways to express yourself
• Connect with your unique creativity
• Find ways to understand your needs
• Explore your difficulties
• Live a more embodied and joyful life.


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