The invisible sense of the heart (E-Book)

As a carer you have a deeply important job and one that must not go by unnoticed. Taking care of others is the most important job you can do and often goes unnoticed in a culture where doing and competing are more admirable than being and sharing....

The invisible sense of the heart (Paperback)​

I know from my own experience that when your work directly involves caring for the emotional, physical and overall well-being of another or others that it is imperative to manage your own vibrant health...

Tango Therapy 2, Research and Practice (Paperback)

Tango Therapy is a therapeutic technique that uses tango dance integrated with special exercises as an alternative therapy and in palliative care.

Tango Therapy 2, Research and Practice (E-Book))

Tango Therapy with people with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, children with mental health difficulties - Social phobias. - Personal development - Improve relationships Embodiment in Tango Therapy training and practice

Emotion Cards

These emotion cards are a wonderful way to reinforce basic recognition and willingness towards wanting to understand how a patient/client may be feeling in any given moment. Also, a wonderful bridge for those who are non-verbal to communicate how it is they might be feeling!

Welsh & English

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