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I am a person centred and humanistic therapist with a great respect for life and I understand how hard it can be to take that first step in the journey towards a more empowered and fulfilling one. Whatever experiences we have had are all registered within our bodies and sometimes our bodies become rigid and sore and we imagine the worse scenarios and take endless pills and prescriptions when all we might need is to stop and feel the air, or find creative outlets or listen to the gentle voice of our bodies.

                                           Dance movement Psychotherapy

Dance Movement Psychotherapy is for you, especially if you have a sense of knowing that with your words alone you are unable to fully communicate your feelings and experiences

Dance Movement Psychotherapy is the psycho-therapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive and physical integration of the person. It is focused on movement behaviour as it emerges in the therapeutic relationship. One of the four Arts Therapies, Movement Psychotherapy is a form of therapy that bridges body and mind and uses both words and movement to enable more authentic communication.

Here in the UK, Movement psychotherapy is regulated by the Association Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK (ADMP UK). The profession is additionally overseen by the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

Creative movement improvisations and unconscious free association movement are fundamental to this process. As Donald Winnicott the 20th century paediatrician and psychoanalyst  saw:  when the client/patient ‘play’ together in the therapy space the person is able to build meaningful memories which become the template for healthy relationships and that the true self emerges through play. It is the only self capable of creativity.

Bringing the soul and the spirit back to life are fundamental aims of this form of therapy too where the emphasis is on re-finding the roots of yourself and your spirit inside your own body.

"Returning to the body is a serious matter, because when we feel the body we begin to sense our vulnerability and our need for others, our ontology of interdependence"

Jill Hayes 2013

The cost: £40 per hour session / block bookings for students available on request


Can help through talking about your feelings in safety and confidence, clarify for you where you are stuck in your life and find life-enhancing solutions. Some people find that creative means such as visualisation work , art therapy, writing or objects help with their process and others just need to talk and this is all deeply acknowledged and honoured.

Carl Rogers the founder of person centred therapy believed that each person has the capacity for change and that if the therapist recognises and trusts the innate human potential though providing a therapeutic environment based on honesty, empathy and unconditional positive regard then growth, transformation and change happen.

I look forward to welcoming you.

The cost is £40 per hour session

                                                          Clinical Supervision

Offering insight into the work you are doing with your clients and helps you be more effective. If you work within a caring profession and find your own emotional welfare is being impacted by the work you do you could benefit from clinical supervision. Having a confidential space to talk about and work through the emotional demands of helping others allows us to maintain our healthy well-being as professionals. Please feel free to contact me to dicsuss.

The cost is £45 per hour / £40 for students on placement. Block booking available

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