Emotion cards

Karen Woodley - Emotion Cards
Karen Woodley - Emotion Cards

These emotion cards are a wonderful way to reinforce basic recognition and willingness towards wanting to understand how a patient / client may be feeling in any given moment. Also, a wonderful bridge for those who are non-verbal to communicate how it is they might be feeling!

The Emotions set includes 12 cards (A 6 size) including photographs of different emotions.

In order to enhance the experience and to facilitate the selection/recognition of the card I also incorporate the text, in English and Welsh, using colour therapy.

The photos are an effective tool for helping children and adults feel

Karen Woodley - Emotion Cards
Karen Woodley - Emotion Cards

understood and allowed to express and be themselves more fully as their emotion / feelings are given a space to communicate.

They have been put together simply because many people have been asking me for them. So, I thought why not produce my own.

They are great to use with children as children are the actual visual you see but also with adults as the pictures are so alive. For those on the Autistic spectrum, non-verbal; those with disabilities who find it hard to articulate and thus be heard! Perhaps the text will help them communicate or the picture might say it all! Whatever it is, I think these cards are a great tool to use when you are struggling to understand these special children or simply to help you move a little deeper into their world.

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I know of many therapists who use them all the time in their practice. Personally, I use them in some situations and I find they are a big help for care staff to relate to their clients/patients /friends.

How to use them:

  • You can use them in sessions before and after asking the person to show you how they are feeling
  • When you are at a loss as to what to do next…..perhaps they are seemingly very distressed!
  • As support / care staff having them on hand will help you manage difficult situations in times when you would perhaps like to establish a closer link with your client/patient.
Feeling Cards Set -01
Feeling Cards Set -01 Laminated with extendible Keyring £ 20.-

You can order your set of Emotion Cards from here for only £ 25.- (Free Delivery- UK  only)

Emotion Cards and Chart by Karen Woodley (DMP)

Thanks to:

Martin Sotelano (www.tangocreations.co.uk) – Photography

 Alun Gruffydd (www.bla-translation.co.uk) –  and René Griffiths - Welsh translations

Many thanks to Llawdden and Crisiant who moved these feelings through their bodies!

© 2015 Karen Woodley


How to get your FREE cards:

You can download the three files and the poster from here:

Please provide your name and email address for your free download.

I will ask for your email address and will then send the link to download the file immediately.

To make it easy they are all together in one zip file. After downloading it you need to unzip them to get the 4 JPG files.

You can easily import the files into any word processor or software that support JPG.

Print them and I will recommend laminating them.  The cards were designed using a standard A4 paper with 4 cards on each. You will need to cut them.

The poster is ready to be printed up to an A2 size paper.


Remember: I am also offering the opportunity to get your set ready to be used.

It will include the set printed both sides and laminated and mounted in a practical extendable keyring.

Feeling Cards Set -01
Feeling Cards Set -01 Laminated with extendible Keyring £ 20.-

You can order your set of Emotion Cards from here for only £ 20.- (plus delivery - UK Mainland only)


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