I also want to offer some exciting products: To use or buy as gifts especially selected for you to use in your own sessions or when simply playing with your child. Also DVDs and books where you can learn something new.

A theory is that the learning disabilities stem from disturbances that may begin before birth, so in the womb. Also, possibly genetic disposition, alcohol, substance abuse, problems in pregnancy, environmental…

Behaviour issues and Children not wanting to learn or focus, or children being left behind in the school system because they cannot find ways of being heard and seen. Children with high anxiety and challenging behaviours that are deemed inappropriate and those with learning disabilities.

I’m delighted to be able to be part of this weeks celebration with you because I believe that you deserve self- care time and there is no time like now…

If you have my 'Emotion cards' you will know that there are 12 in the set. Happy, Hungry, Frustrated, Afraid, Sick, OK, Mad, Sleepy, Sad, Surprised, Silly and Worried. Here's an example of an exercise you can use with one child or indeed, a small group!

Do you find it hard to express yourself in words? Do you feel that if only I could get answers to what feel like crazy disjointed ideas / memories? Do you feel alone? Do you wish that other people understood you?

If yes is the answer to either of the above then you may want to consider how Psychotherapy through movement can help you.


One of my members who is a special needs teacher has asked me if she can teach her children how to dance, how can she do this?

Balls are fun to play with and explore with a direct link back into the infancy and childhood where playing with friends was a source of joy.

Let life flow through you in 2018

Happy 2018 and with blessings for each and every one of us to find the flow of life from within and to live it with gratitude I hope the healing that you need can be found and the forces of love, creativity and relationship rekindled.

The reason for writing this blog comes from my late experiences of being unwell and feeling cheated by events and circumstances that I find myself in. My body has been speaking to me through sickness and a deep stress.

As a movement psychotherapist I know your body is a source of power and light and is your true home. It holds your soul and your spirit and you need only go inwards to reconnect again. Our inner sense or inner teacher has many eyes. So you will soon come to realise that what you see with your two physical eyes is not true.

Welcome everybody to the Welsh Hub of the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy.

ADMP Wales is the regional hub for Dance Movement Psychotherapists here in the country.

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