Is essential to good practice and is a space in which you can explore your own practice and ways of working with your clients. Supervision offers you opportunities to root and stimulate your best work and it promotes greater self-awareness in the practitioner leaving you more competent and confident in yourself and your abilities. My approach to Supervision is Integrative, drawing on different theories and techniques.

The structure of the supervision session with me is firstly to establish the aims and objectives for bringing a particular topic and agreeing a desired outcome and how this outcome might be achieved in our time together. The session also has a ‘space’ to explore the instinctive, intuitive and the unknown, an alchemy so essential to the creative process. Finally in reviewing the session together we will ascertain if the aims have been met and discuss action going forward.

We look at:

* what is happening in the therapy space between counsellor and client
* what is happening in the here and now between us (supervisor and supervisee)
* and also explore how to work through the aspects of the environment you are working in.

Currently I Supervise therapists in a mental health organisation in Abergavenny that was set up to help and offer support in the community for mental health and well-being. I also have supervisees from various areas of work such as social work, young children’s therapist, addictions counsellors and a holistic therapists. My dedication is to providing the best service and so I take great care in continually developing my skills and opening my abilities to reach out, be with and help others.

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“I have enjoyed my time working with Karen, she has a genuine presence and empathetic quality that is rare. Karen is able to work with you through a dialogue that opens to the emotion and embodied felt sense that I have often found to be over looked with other practitioners. But it is this awareness of the deeper awareness that really quiches the sessions.”

Some thoughts on good Supervision

“If the value and experience of good supervision are realized at the beginning of one’s professional career, then the ‘habit’ of receiving good supervision will become an integral part of…

Supervision for Holistic and Complementary Therapy Practitioners

Our emotions are connected to the waters of our soul”

In my experience I have found complementary therapies to be great and beautiful resources for working with the energetic system of the body. Such treatments as Aromatherapy, Herbal medicine and visualisation really help people’ s well-being and sense of healing journey.

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