Psychotherapy Sessions

Provide space for you to explore personal issues in a confidential, safe one-to-one setting. I will be your guide in exploring relationships, work-related issues and your identity. It will help you to build self confidence, self esteem, to trust yourself and develop healthy, loving and nourishing interpersonal relationships.

You can start to feel better immediately but more often than not change takes time and depending on your needs you will have the opportunity together with me to decide on the best session structure that works for you. Difficult experiences and life transitions can be overwhelming and so together we will find a way forward.

Everything you tell me is confidential and only between me and you. I share information at times with my Supervisor when needed and never use your name. If I am concerned about something, I will discuss it with you and I do write notes but nobody sees them except for me.

One thing is for sure therapy helps you to heal old wounds and discover again the diamond that you are.

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