Couples Therapy

You might be looking for help in making a major decision in your couple like moving home or having a baby. You may be needing tips for how to understand your children and talk about some parenting skills. Or simply to bring back vitality into your relationship. Couples Counselling can support you in making changes together. Change requires more than communication, it is the developmental growth in each partner that needs to be supported and nurtured as well as the growth of the ‘couple’ which needs empathy.

If you feel stuck and have stopped having fun, showing affection and have lost the spark it may be the right time to invest in getting your ‘couple back’. The most important key in your relationship is Security. In order for you to repair what has gone wrong we will explore firstly how safe each of you feel in the relationship. How much you can trust in the other to be there and do what they say they will do for example.

Trust is extremely important in relationships and when this is broken then it can feel impossible to trust again. When trust is broken we stop opening up and we stop challenging ourselves in some ways. If you are a deep-sea diver, mountain climber, skydiver or fireman working with a partner whose life depends on you and vice versa. If you don’t trust them 100% the joy and reason for your endeavour together will be seriously limited and you won’t do the best you can do together. Trust is being able to be vulnerable, and vulnerability is a key to better relationships.

My own relationship experiences and what I have learnt from ‘Couples Trainings’ has given me a gentle confidence in being able to help your Couple if what you are looking for is to repair. To learn how to appreciate and understand your partner and to move from ‘I’ need to ‘we’ need.