Having never been to couples counselling before it was quite daunting but you made us feel comfortable from the start. Your listening skills, guidance and support really helped us and we feel we have a much better understanding of each other going forward in our relationship.

Karen was an enormous help, learning quickly my needs and the best way to help me with them. She was kind, understanding and did fantastic work for my confidence and keeping my head in the right place. Using techniques I hadn’t really considered before, she helped me see that I could believe in myself. Anyone would benefit from a session or more from Karen

Karen is very warm and welcoming, within my sessions she was led by me and my needs that day. Karen was easy to build a rapport with and was able to pick up on my feelings and any triggers / defences I was having which led to more insight. Karen was so easy to talk to and it was always a good light feeling after leaving. I will revisit in the future .

Karen held me carefully in times of extreme vulnerability. I felt she stayed with me and my experience without judgement. I am very grateful for this and will go back if/when I need to.

I have enjoyed my time working with Karen, she has a genuine presence and empathetic quality that is rare. Karen is able to work with you through a dialogue that opens to the emotion and embodied felt sense that I have often found to be over looked with other practitioners. But it is this awareness of the deeper awareness that really quiches the sessions.

I made a commitment to myself to book 6 counselling sessions with Karen. I felt comfortable talking to her and was able to discuss for the first time some stressful episodes in my life. I love the way Karen noticed my tensions and reminded me to breathe, do grounding exercises with her and this really helped me to connect with how I feel. I had a couple of significant dreams during the counselling process and my aim now is to develop this refreshing feeling of accepting myself. For me, its the acceptance I received from Karen’s approach that has enabled me to discover a new self confidence.

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